For nearly two decades, Boston Pen People has been an informal group of pen and writing enthusiasts who meet six times a year in the Greater Boston area to ...

     -     Show collections and recent acquisitions

     -     Talk about all aspects of pens, inks, paper, and any other related subject

     -     Try out pens and inks

     -     Workshops on repair, calligraphy, etc.

     -     Enjoy each other’s company

We range widely in interests and level of knowledge - from rank beginners to acknowledged experts. Some like vintage; some like modern. Some have very focused collections while others acquire whatever pens strike their fancy. Some find the technologies behind pens interesting, while others are interested in the historical aspects. What we all share is a deep appreciation for pens and writing culture.

Membership in Boston Pen People is easy - just show up to a meeting and add your email address to the ongoing master list.

In addition to annual participation in the Commonwealth Pen Show, each September, Boston Pen People have been building alliances with local organizations to spread the importance of writing.

Since 2017, BPP has manned a booth at the annual Middlesex Couty 4-H Fair in Westford, MA. With an array of dip pens and inks, anyone interested has had the opportunity to write and create drawings, learning more about traditional forms of writing. In 2019, two members, Tim Holl and Sid Faltzik, brought their popular Pens for Kids program to the Fair. In the course of one day, ninety starter fountain pens, along with a bottle of ink, notebook, and sheet of instructions, were given to youngsters from 5 to 15 years. Each child was given individualized instruction on how to fill and use the pen.

BPP has expanded connections with other writing organizations in recent years. In the fall of 2019, BPP formed a partnership with The Room to Write in Wakefield, MA. The Room to Write "connects and supports writers of all ages, abilities and means by providing physical space where writers are able to work and build community along with the structured programming and support individuals need in order to express themselves more effectively for academic, professional and creative purposes. Let's write on our own but not in isolation, with the opportunity for collaboration and the advantage of having a little Room to Write." In 2023, BPP has developed a parrnership with Masscribes, a "New England based calligraphy organization with members in Massachusetts and the other New England states who share a common interest in calligraphy and related arts. Our goal is to help keep hand lettering alive and to support those with a passion for letters. Masscribes holds hands-on workshops, hosts educational programs, exhibits and social gatherings."

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